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CE Approved

Loading and Unloading by Combi Forklift Truck

PPE must be worn in this area

Reverse wagon into yard - Banksman control if required


Check load / bundle can be lifted safely without affecting stability of other items on wagon

Check steelwork can be lifted off within the capacity of the fork lift truck - and specifically without driver intervention on the back of the truck

Ensure the driver and any other personnel clear of the load prior to lifting

If the load snags - STOP.  Lower the steel work and re-examine load. Unless load can be re-positioned easily do not proceed and take truck for offloading using overhead crane

After unloading - ensure remaining load is stable and to the drivers satisfaction


Make clear to driver the number of bundles / items

Load the truck bed as directed by the driver

Ensure at all times that the driver is clear of the load as it is being loaded onto the truck

Ensure that the load is stable after loading and will allow safe unloading by others

Check that all items are loading and that the driver had signed for all items

Loading and Unloading by Combi Forklift Truck