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Daver Tie Bar System

Daver Steels manufacture high strength structural tie rods and compression struts with a high specification finish for architectural applications.

The DST520 tie rod system is produced in carbon and stainless steel, both with characteristic yield strengths of 520N/mm2.

Carbon Steel Grade 520:-

  • 520N/mm2 yield stress

  • A high strength, weldable, structural steel

  • Available in lengths (up to 12m) with rolled threads to BS3643

  • Can be supplied self colour, painted or galvanised, please specify the surface finish on your enquiry.

  • We stock galvanised forks and fittings as standard

Stainless Steel 316 (1.4404) Grade 520 or Duplex Stainless Steel (1.4462):-

  • 520N/mm2 0.2% yield stress

  • A high strength cold drawn stainless steel

  • Available in lengths up to 7.5m with rolled threads to BS3643

  • Usually offered as a 'satin' equivalent finish or bright polished tendons.

  • We stock bright polished forks and satin polished fittings, please indicate on your enquiry the finish that is required.

Tie Bar Arrangements:-

Fork - fork
The simplest form of tendon. A bar with threaded forks at each end. Once installed, the tendon can be adjusted in length by rotating the bar.

M12 Assembly

Fork - Turnbuckle - Fork
Generally for longer length tendons, or where greater length adjustment is required.
A standard turnbuckle gives +/- 50mm adjustment for M20 and above.
Turnbuckles can be supplied with a welded connection cleat to take a hanger or stay bars.

Couplers can be added to a system to increase the length without adding adjustment, and cross couplers are also available for cross bracing without a central disk.

If stressing is required on-site this must be stated on your enquiry. Tendons must be supplied with Jacking Turnbuckles to facilitate the use of a Jacking Rig to stress tendons on site.

M12 Turnbuckle Assembly

Central connectors
A shaped central connection, usually circular, to take an arrangement of fork to fork tendons.
Please view our custom connectors page for further details.

Centre Disc