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King Abdullah International Gardens, Saudi Arabia

The King Abdullah International Gardens have been designed to become a world-leading focus of mankind’s understanding of the process, consequence and study of Climate Change, capturing and displaying extraordinary ecotopes from history and from the present day, and presenting the choices that are available to us.

The project is set within the arid desert of the Saudi Central Region following a brief which sought to ‘create botanical gardens to rival those at Kew and Singapore’., Planned to be the largest temperature-controlled gardens in the world, the gardens in the crescent biomes covering 10 hectares, will re-create the 400 million-year-old evolution of the Earth’s plants, trees and flowers evolution.

Daver Steels supplied AIC Steel with just under 900 no, bespoke machine pin sets to support the steel work.

Working with AIC we sourced high strength material for the pin bodies to an exact specification.

The pins and cap had to be hot dip galvanised to ensure a minimum thickness of 85 microns.

More information about the project can be found here